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Nine Feature Environmentally Friendly Fashion

Environmentally friendly discourse would have been much touted. But as a step in fact, Enviloka, as one environmentalist community, organized a fashion exhibition titled "Eco Nic" at Pacific Place, South Jakarta, Saturday (10/22/2011) then.
"This event is a form of concern of the young lovers of fashion and the environment to combine the two, so that sustainable and mutually supportive," said Savitri daughter Julia, chairman of Eco Nic in his speech.
In this environment of love action, was chosen as a fashion icon for the movement of young people love the environment because it is generally a consumer of a variety of fashion products. Eco-friendly fashion is expected to restore the ecosystem environment in order to stay balanced and can stay fashionable without damaging the environment.
"The event is expected to a campaign for eco-action style of young people through fashion. Because young people are the pillars of the nation which will inherit all the wealth of the nation," said Wanda Hamida, artists, environmentalists, and members of Parliament.
To raise awareness of young people will be eco-friendly fashion, Enviloka held a bazaar-themed eco-friendly clothing. Bazaar brings together 19 booths, and held a fashion show of the 18 finalists eco fashion design contest which followed several campuses in Indonesia.
There are nine criteria that are applied in Eco Nic to produce an environmentally friendly fashion.

  1.  Local. Various domestic product is one example of an environmentally friendly fashion.By  using domestic products, resulting in air pollution emissions from the transportation of imported goods can be reduced.
  2. Recycling. Eco fashion can be created from raw materials or pre-existing material. This fashion can be designed and recreated with different ideas and even new forms.
  3. Sustainable fashion. Eco fashion can minimize the impact of fashion on the environment. Clothing made from organic cotton safe for farmers and garment workers, because free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  4. Animal free. Does not involve animal testing. Eco fashion is made without using animal tissue or skin, such as fur. Organic materials that can be used is an organic fabric made from natural sources like bamboo, hemp, nettle, wool, soy silk, wood, rubber, banana fiber.Natural fibers grown without pesticides and other toxic materials can maintain human health and the environment.
  5. Free of chemicals. If using a dye, you should use a dye that is extracted from vegetative materials such as fruit, seeds, vegetables, leaves, stems, or other plants.
  6. Fair traded. Eco fashion is not exclusively minimize negative impacts on the environment, but also on the manufacturing process. Clothing factories responsibility for human rights, does not employ children, establish a reasonable working hours, and provide a decent living wage. In addition, eco fashion in favor of the humans do not interfere with humans in any form, eg steam, gases, dust, noise, temperature, and others.
  7. Creative modification. Eco fashion products can be created by combining the various skills of craftsmen such as embroidery, batik and more. It also serves to preserve the culture of Indonesia.
  8. Vintage. Vintage clothing is a term for new or second hand or used clothing that can be altered or modified back into a new and unique clothing.
  9. Efficient. This environmentally friendly product that can produce the greatest benefits by minimizing the use of natural resources, such as saving water and electricity saving in the production process..


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